Spider Plant Variegated Ocean - 3.5" pot / 6" tall

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Super Easy Plant! Loves bright to moderate, indirect sunlight, they sunburn easily so be careful of direct sun. Water when the top 1" - 2" of soil dries out, better to underwater than overwater. Pet friendly.

Spider Plant Variegated Ocean comes in a 3.5" plastic growers pot, plant height ranges 6" to 8" from the base of the pot.

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Care Level: Easy / Beginners
Lighting : Bright to low, indirect sunlight
Water: Once a week
Pets: Pet Friendly

Spider Plant Overview

Spiders?! RUN! Oh, Spider Plants – not to be confused for real spiders – are a classic indoor plant native to the coastal areas of South Africa. They get their name from their – you guessed it – spider-looking spiderettes. They’re part of the Spider plant that emerges and dangle from their mother plant like – you guessed it again – spiders on a web. Spider plants are considered one of the most popular houseplants thanks to their easy propagation and ability to thrive in a range of conditions. Adaptable, bushy and beautiful, Spider plants’ cascading foliage are usually housed in a hanging pot, and they’re able to withstand a lot of your abuse, neglect and existential dread. Their white- and green-striped leaves can extend up to 1.5 feet long – and when they’re happy – they’ll grow long stems that bear small, star-shaped flowers.

Customer Reviews

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Andrea Hitchon

The spider plant was absolutely beautiful! (Until my cat at the whole thing….). The Chive was very helpful and accommodating with my ordering process. My next plants will be coming from here!

Alia Erlich
Spider Plants

What can I say? From asking for advice, from picking up the plants and the service, from the plants themselves - I couldn't ask or expect any more. The plants are beautiful!! The leaves are a vibrant shade of green, I absolutely love them. The service was amazing, quick responses, detailed responses, the pick up was smooth. Our entire experience was positive and I would not only highly recommend to EVERYONE but will absolutely go back each time I need a plant.


Beautiful, healthy plants and excellent customer service.

Vanessa Hojda

Spider Plant Variegated Ocean - 3.5" pot / 6" tall

Love them!!

Beautiful plants. Fast shipping. Great communication. New go to for live plants 💜💙

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