Crispy Wave Fern - 3.5" | Pre-potted

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Loves medium, indirect light with good views of the sky. Keep the soil evenly moist but make sure not to have the plant sit in water - allow excess water to drain out. Pet friendly.

Crispy Wave Fern comes pre-potted in a Chive pot. Plant height ranges around 7" from the base of the pot.

Care Level: Easy / Beginners
Lighting : Medium, indirect light
Water: Keep soil evenly moist
Pets: Pet friendly

Fern Overview

You’re going to want to pay your respect to Ferns – they’re one of the oldest plants in the world. 300 million years, to be exact. Possibly to your surprise, Ferns are not just tropical-loving plants. There are 12,000 species of Ferns out there growing in all sorts of climates that range from 2 inches tall to 30 feet high – nearly the height of a 3-story home! Ferns are very popular houseplants since they’re relatively easy to grow and their delicate-looking, lace-like foliage – known as fronds – are as inviting as those metal arms of a scalp massager you want to your head up against. While there are a lot of Fern varietals out there, they do all share one thing in common: humidity. Humidity is essential to the wellbeing of your Fern – if you have a particularly dry home then you may want to just look at the Fern and not take one home.

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Crispy Wave Fern - 3.5" | Pre-potted

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