Croton Petra - 3.5" pot

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Loves sun! Though best in bright indirect light. Let dry out between waterings, wipe the foliage with a damp cloth to keep the dust off. 

Croton Petra comes in a 3.5" plastic growers pot, plant height ranges around 6"  from the base of the pot. 

Care Level: Medium / Some Experience
Lighting : Bright, indirect sunlight
Water: Every 1-2 weeks
Pets: NOT Pet Friendly

Croton Overview

Croton plants – known for their variegated foliage of bright and bold greens, scarlets, oranges, and yellow splotches – originate from the tropical forests of southeast Asia and Oceania. These upright plants can grow as large as 10 feet tall in the wild and are found in a variety of leaf shapes and colours. Long, twisted, thick, or a combination of all three – we’re confident you’ll find a Croton to fit your similarly long, twisted, thick, and dark (okay, we added that last one) personality and style. They have a reputation for being fussy; in reality, they regularly drop leaves but are otherwise low-key plants that are easy to maintain and grow.

Customer Reviews

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Croton Petra- 3.5” pot/6” tall

The plant was securely delivered as promised even though I was not home it was placed in a secured spot by my window. So far the plant is thriving and does not need much attention.

Kim Armour
Perfect Croton Petra!

I cannot say enough about how impressed I was ordering from Chive. I ordered a few plants along with the Croton. It is perfect. It arrived healthy and hand delivered to me making sure that it arrived with great care.
I have ordered from other companies in the past only to have the shipment received in a box with the plants not even in the soil anymore.
Getting the plants from Chive you can tell they are well cared for and they want to make sure you recieve them in proper conditions. I will definitely be a customer for life and recommend Chive to others. Oh and the Croton, it is still thriving!


We love our croton that we got at chive! The girl working when we came in was so helpful and knowledgable, and our plant and its pot are perfect.

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