Aglaonema Super Maria aka Chinese Evergreen - 6" pot

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6" Aglaonema Super Maria aka Chinese Evergreen

To keep the amazing variegated colouring on the foliage brighter light is best but the plant will thrive in low light, keep out of direct sun, as it will burn the leaves. Keep the soil moist, don't let it dry out but be careful of overwatering. Toxic to pets.

Aglaonema Super Maria comes in a 6" plastic growers pot.

Care Level: Beginner
Lighting : Bright to low, indirect sunlight
Water: Every 2-3 weeks
Pets: Not Pet Friendly

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful plant and pot!

The super Maria is such a lovely plant and just perfect in the pot I purchased with it. It’s ideal for someone like me who may forget to water her plants from time to time. It doesn’t require a lot of light and water. A little TLC and it’s thriving. Plus the service at Chive is excellent and I love having my plants delivered to me!

Jessica Levitt
Plants to your door!!??!!

I never thought of plants being delivered but I may never buy plants any other way!

Mika W.
Gorgeous Aglaonema !

Loved my Chinese Evergreen, and the staff at Chive were very kind, and it was easy to pick-up ! Will definitely be buying again from Chive !

Sharlee Treloar
Chinese Evergreen

Love it!!
Unique and adds beauty to my home.

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