Begonia Maculata Wightii aka Polka Dot Plant - 6" pot

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Loves bright, indirect sun but is also cool with lower light situations. In the Spring and Summer keep the soil moist but don't let it sit in water; in the Fall and Winter let the top inch of soil dry out between waterings; all the time keep water off the leaves to prevent spotting. 

Begonia Maculata Wightii aka Polka Dot Plant comes in a 6" plastic grower's pot.

Care Level: Easy / Beginners
Lighting : Bright, indirect
Water: Top inch dry out between waterings
Pets: Not pet friendly

Begonia Overview

Begonias are familiar plants you’ve seen in just about any front porch, garden, or planter. What you probably don’t know is that there’s more than 1,800 Begonia species! These perennial plants are native to the rocky, forested valleys and slopes of northeastern India, southern China and Vietnam. Begonias are colourful, attractive plants – their foliage sometimes a bit hairy (no razor burn, though) with prominent veins that can grow up to 12” long and 8” wide. Begonias are widely hybridized and cultivated for their showy foliage ranging in colour, texture and size. They can be easy to maintain as long as you identify what kind of Begonia you have – they belong to 3 categories: tuberous, fibrous and rhizomatous. Fibrous and Rhizomatous are much easier Begonias to handle as houseplants, while Tuberous have more demands and conditions to keep happy – much like the youngest child of 3. 

Begonia Family

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Archana Lingendran

Love this plant! Super cute and healthy when it arrived!

Stephen Lan
Overdue review of Chive

LOVE Chive! Bought several varied houseplants from the online store on three separate occasions during the pandemic lockdown. All plants were delivered without a hitch. Very responsive to any questions you may have or advice. Chive has become my go-to online store for house plants. Now, if only I could stop killing them from overwatering (aka “too much love”).

Duane Rollins
Polka Dot Begonia

Beautiful plant. Ordering process was easy. Will shop at Chive again.