Alocasia Macrorrhiza - 10" pot / 4.5' tall | Pickup Only

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Medium to bright indirect

Keep moist, high humidity, pebble tray

Pet Friendly

Alocasia Borneo Giant comes in a 10" plastic growers pot, plant height ranges 4' to 5' from the base of the pot and average width is 33".

***** note ***** Due to the size of this plant, it is available for curbside pick up only, or, give us a call to arrange for a Specialty Courier quote. 

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Alocasia Overview

Alocasias are incredible stunners, featuring some of the most striking, head-turning foliage in the world of plants. If it could be a meme, it would be the one of the man holding hands with his girlfriend and turning around checking out another woman. Does that meme work if we describe it? No matter. Alocasias are native to subtropical Asia and eastern Australia, and there are around 80 species of Alocasias that range significantly in visual appeal. Alocasias’ have a bit of a reputation as a collector’s item – if you’re looking for a statement plant then this is the one for you. The exclamation mark of houseplants in terms of beauty, they’re also loud in the sense that some Alocasia varietals can grow up to 8 to 10 feet tall (and they can grow quickly if its conditions are met!)

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