Assorted 3" Houseplant Grab Bag
Assorted 3" Houseplant Grab Bag, Close up top view
3" Houseplant Grab Bag, 6 Plants
3" Houseplant Grab Bag, 6 Plants

3" Houseplant Grab Bag, 6 Plants


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This is our favourite item right now! This week's Grab Bag features 1 each of the plants below! 


3” Hypoestes aka Polka Dot Plant Pink Brocade - This stunning gal won't last long, look at the soft pink offset with that bright green, swoon!! Loves bright, indirect light to keep that gorgeous colouring. Make sure the soil is always slightly moist, not wet which will cause rot, but she will tell you she's thirsty by shriveling up quickly if too dry. Non-Toxic to pets.

3" Hypoestes aka Polka Dot Plant - Loves medium to bright light but will tolerate low light, does not like direct sun. Water when the soil is almost completely dried out. Non-Toxic to pets.

3” Peperomia Obtusifolia aka Large Leaf Green - Loves bright light, does not like direct sun. Water, when the topsoil is completely dried out, under watering, is better than overwatering this one. Non-Toxic to pets.

3”  Peperomia Deppeana - This sweetie has the prettiest petite leaves that are a mid-green and curiously oval-shaped. It loves bright to moderate light. Let it dry down slightly between waterings. Non-Toxic to pets.

3” Dracaena Sanderiana Lemon Lime Loves medium to bright indirect light, too much sun will scorch and pale the leaves, and too little light will cause leggy growth. Prefers a drier soil when the top 1" - 2" become dry give it a drink. Toxic to pets.

3” Aptenia Cordifolia aka Baby Sun Rose This flowering succulent loves the bright, direct sun but will tolerate indirect light, you just won't have as much luck with flowering. When the soil is fully dry give it a good heavy watering without letting it sit in standing water. That said, it is pretty easy going and can handle irregular watering. Non-Toxic to pets.

    Customer Reviews

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    Lovely Little Plants

    Each one of these plants has thrived, they arrived healthy and vigorous and just took off. The people at Chive were helpful and very nice to deal with. I’ll definitely be back.

    Very cute plants and reliable shipping

    I received the plants and pots that I ordered in perfect condition - healthy and lively. Really loving them! Shipping was also quick and reliable. They ensured someone would take the plants right away to prevent it from staying out in the cold upon delivery. A suggestion might be to label which plants are which. That would've been helpful to quickly determine how to take care of each plant. Other than that, it was a pleasant experience and an excellent set of plants.

    Great bundle, great value!

    I loved the assortment of plants I got in the grab bag! All of them were beautiful and unique, though some are thriving more than others (likely more my fault than theirs). Would 100% recommend


    Awesome selection and quality!