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The Avocado bundle come with 4 plants and with our favourite Small Minute pot and saucers


  • 3.5" Spider Plant - Super Easy Plant! Loves bright to moderate, indirect sunlight, they sunburn easy so be careful of direct sun. Water when the top 1" - 2" of soil dries out, better to under water than over water. Non Toxic to pets.
  • 4" Episcia Violet - This beauty has soft, fuzzy leaves and it will flower! Loves medium to bright light but watch the direct sun as it will will burn the leaves. Will do ok in non-natural light. Keep the soil moist but never wet or soggy and try to keep off the leaves to prevent spotting. Non Toxic to pets. 
  • 3.5" Senecio Rowleyanus aka String of Pearls aka Big Head - Loves bright, indirect light, will sunburn easily in direct sun. They are very sensitive to over watering, once every two weeks is a good idea. Can be toxic to pets. 
  • 3.5" Hypoestes Green aka Polka Dot Plant - Loves indirect, bright light. Water when the top 1/2 to 1 inch of soil is dry, try to keep off the leaves to prevent spots. Non Toxic to pets. 


3.25" Small Minute Blue Layers, Boombastic Yellow, Green Cement, Burgundy

Product Details

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 3.25” diameter, 3.25” tall
  • Finish: Fully Glazed
  • Cleaning: warm soapy water
  • Indoor pot and saucer


  • Good size drainage hole and detachable saucer
  • Perfect for mini succulents, cactus, fresh herbs
  • Starter Plant 3” size, also available in a 5” houseplant size
  • Vibrant colors and unique glazes
  • Sit lovely in a window sill, home office, excellent gift idea

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