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The Celadon bundle come with 3 plants and with 3 of our favourite Big Diamond pot and saucers


  • 5" Philodendron  Shangri-La - Super cool leaf shape on this guy and as it matures and grows larger it will develop more defined leaves. Loves medium indirect light, some shade is tolerated. Water when the soil has dried out. Toxic to pets.
  • 5" Maranta Leuconeura aka Prayer Plant "Kim" - Loves bright, indirect light and is tolerant of lower light areas as long as there is good air flow, direct sun will scorch the leaves. Use room temperature water and keep the soil evenly moist, doesn't like to be too dry. Non Toxic to pets.

  • 5" Peperomia Napoli Nights - Such a beautiful shade of green, almost shimmery! Gorgeous plant!! Loves bright light, does not like direct sun. Water when the topsoil is completely dried out, under watering is better than overwatering this one. Non Toxic to pets. 


  • 5" Big Diamond White  

    Product Details
  • Material: ceramic 
  • Dimensions: 5" diameter and 5" tall
  • Finish: matte 
  • Cleaning: warm soapy water
  • Indoor pot and saucer


  • Detachable saucer and 1/2" drainage hole
  • Perfect for mini succulents, cactus, fresh herbs
  • 5” houseplant and tropical plant size, also available as a 3" Starter Plant size
  • Sit lovely in a window sill, home office, excellent gift idea