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 We know the power of a classic white pot and saucer to allow the spotlight to shine on your houseplant pals. A white, blue grey, olive, or black planter allows the vessel to fade into the background and let the colours and textures of your plant be the rock star. This was the design inspiration of the Virago pots and saucers: 8 modern shapes and patterns in a crisp matte white and dreamy charcoal black finish. It was a bold move for us to leave out color entirely. By using clay as the medium we were able to add texture for visual interest. Clay is also a porous material which, plants love! The contrast of the white or black pot and a green plant is the epitome of class and they are stunning home accents whether you have one pot or a set of three together. 

Product Details

  • Material: Clay
  • Finish: Matte
  • Available in 3.25”, and 5"
  • Includes drainage hole and saucer
  • Pairs well with a Hoya Carnosa, Pilea Baby Tears, Neon Pothos