Graffiti Glass 10oz Candles

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Et al's signature candle in our Graffiti Glass vessel. Nine decadent fragrances. Hand poured in Los Angeles. Soy blend wax + 100% natural wicks.

  • 60-hour burn time
  • Vessel dimensions: 3.5” Diameter, 4” High
  • Trim the wick to 1/4" before 1st burn and allow the candle to burn for 3-4 hours to form a full wax pool for the best experience.
  • Before each burn continue to trim the wick 1/4 inch from wax and burn at no more than 3-4 hour intervals to avoid residue on glass or smoke.
  • Avoid drafts. Burning candles in a draft, near a/c vents, or fans can affect the burn quality.
  • If any residue should occur, you may wipe it off gently from the surface after the candle has cooled sufficiently.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Be careful of surfaces or any items that may be unsafe with a burning candle.
  • We suggest using a candle sniffer to extinguish your candle.


No. 1 Fresh: Freesia Cotton: No 1 is not only one of our best-selling candles, but it also blends all facets of what we love about these beautiful flowers: strength, gracefulness, sweetness and perseverance for lush results year-round.

No. 2 Earthy + Woodsy : Fig & Cedar Modern meets natural with this sophisticated scent. The soothing notes of bergamot and fig combine with the grounded warmth of cedar, patchouli and amber to create a cozy atmosphere that soothes the soul.

No. 3 Woodsy Citrus: "1624": An enchanting floral-forward fragrance blend lends both delicate and deep notes to the scent. A medley of white flowers creates a light and softly sweet opening entwined with golden honey and musk to form a full and sensual base.

No. 4 Amber & Smoke: Rich, woodsy, and grounded with pure vanilla. This sophisticated fragrance will draw you into its comforting warmth mixed with the sweet smokiness of cedarwood.

No. 5 Citrus: Vetiver Ylang: A perfect pairing of citrus sweetness and earthiness, No.5 is a balance of sophisticated and fresh fragrance notes that transform your space into a tranquil escape.

No. 6 Smoky: Leather & Rose: Infused hints of leather and rose for a richly alluring fragrance with beauty and depth. The top notes of lemon and rose to bring brightness to an otherwise deep scent; while the base notes release warm tones of balsam and rich leather.

No. 7 Citrus: Neroli Basil: Neroli + Bergamot's green floral notes open this sophisticated, fresh fragrance. The herbaceous warmth of basil, with a peppery edge, adds an unexpected twist to the vibrant citrus notes.

No. 8 Spicy: Mandarin Cassis: A tantalizing blend of fresh citrus mixed with just the right amount of spice—you might need more than one! Light up your home or office for hours with this delicious scent that will have you feeling downright zen.

No. 9 Woodsy Citrus: "1624": "1624" conjures up French debauchery of the 1600's, this scent transports us to those drunken and mischievous evenings in the palace with wax residue caked onto ornate chandeliers, grand staircases, masked balls, mirth & beauty, sensual and scandalous pleasures abound in all of its palatial glory. Step into the past with delight at every burn!

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