Ficus Elastica Tineke - 7" pot / 28" tall

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Gorgeous plant!! Loves bright light but not direct sunlight. Water when the soil becomes dry to the touch, better to underwater than overwater. 

Ficus Elastica Tineke comes in a 7" plastic growers pot, plant height approximately 28" (2' ) from the base of the pot.

Care Level: Mostly easy
Lighting : Bright, indirect
Water: When dry 2" or so down, keep moist
Pets: Not pet friendly

Ficus Overview

Native to the tropics, including Asia, America and Africa, the Ficus belongs to the fig genus with hundreds of Ficus species out there. A mainstay in many offices and homes because they look like a typical tree with a trunk and canopy, the Ficus is also commonly called the Ficus Tree, Weeping Fig and Fig Tree – yes, the latter being the one that produces the fruit. Regardless of their size, they’ll always maintain their ‘tree-like’ appearance with dark and/or variegated foliage. Ficuses add a splash of colour and lushness to any home, but you’ll want to be mindful when you’re shopping for Ficuses since they have a reputation for being finnicky house plants. They shed leaves at the very first sign of stress, which can be very off-putting for someone who doesn’t like to break out their broom and dustpan too often.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beautiful and Well taken care of

I finally got a Ficus Tineke which has been on my must have list since I started my plant family. She is absolutely beautiful, the care instructions were a really great touch as well

Edel Mcmeo
Love the color, beautiful plant.

Looking forward to buy another color some other time,plants are healthy and arrived in very good condition. Thank you

Eryka Baptiste
Beautiful plant

This plant is so beautiful. Arrived in perfect condition. Will most definitely place another order for more plant babies in the future !!

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