Ficus Ginseng Bonsai - 8" pot

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Loves and needs bright light, four to six hours a day minimum! This guy can be fussy with watering so you'll need to be attentive. Never let the soil dry out completely and when watering give it enough so that it runs out the bottom of the pot. Also loves humidity and will be happy with a nice misting every other day. 

Ficus Ginseng Bonsai comes in an 8" plastic growers pot, plant height ranges around 12" - 14" from the base of the pot. 

Ficus Overview

Native to the tropics, including Asia, America and Africa, the Ficus belongs to the fig genus with hundreds of Ficus species out there. A mainstay in many offices and homes because they look like a typical tree with a trunk and canopy, the Ficus is also commonly called the Ficus Tree, Weeping Fig and Fig Tree – yes, the latter being the one that produces the fruit. Regardless of their size, they’ll always maintain their ‘tree-like’ appearance with dark and/or variegated foliage. Ficuses add a splash of colour and lushness to any home, but you’ll want to be mindful when you’re shopping for Ficuses since they have a reputation for being finnicky house plants. They shed leaves at the very first sign of stress, which can be very off-putting for someone who doesn’t like to break out their broom and dustpan too often.

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Nas Farzan
Great drunk purchase

Once in a while you buy something while you're hammered drunk that you actually still like a few weeks later. This is one of those things.

Fulfillment was super easy. Likely to repeat this behavior in the future.

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