Fittonia Green & White aka Nerve Plant - 3" pot

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Add a tropical touch to your space with these cute low-laying beauties. They love medium to bright light but will tolerate low light, they do not like direct sun. Water when the soil is almost completely dried out. Pet friendly.

Fittonia aka Nerve Plant comes in a 3" plastic growers pot, plant height ranges around 5" tall from the base of the pot.

Care Level: Medium / Experienced
Lighting : Bright - low, indirect light
Water: Keep Moist
Pets: Pet friendly

Fittonia Overview

Fittonias, also known as the Nerve Plant, Mosaic Plant or Net Plant, are a genus of flowering plants in the Acanthaceae family native to the tropical rainforests of South America. A low-growing evergeen creeper, Fittonias can reach a height of 3 to 6 inches and spread across 12 to 18 inches, making these non-creepy, creepers an excellent house plant for small homes and terrariums. Did we mention they’re super vascular, bro? Their show-y foliage veins come in a number of different colours depending on the varietal, which is why these plants often receive top-billing in a terrarium. If he conditions are right, Fittonias will flower and bare its flower-y teeth with reddish or yellowish-white spikes – but it’s rare for that to happen. They’re a bit temperamental, but certainly worth the effort.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Barrett
A temperamental treasure

This my first Fittonia. But I can see why they call it the nerve plant. I got the dramatic droop after my first watering cycle and I’ve adjusted to make sure that Fitty stays hydrated.

Did I mention that it’s a good looking plant? It’s a good looking plant.

Eliana Pedraza
Absolutely in love!

She’s beautiful, one of my favourite plants I’ve ever bought!

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