Houseplant 101

Learn how to pot your plant correctly so it loves you forever.

Hearing the word “re-potting” flying from your lips probably sends your beloved plant into a spiral of fear, loathing, and a desire to escape to Vegas.

This class is for new plant parents. You can ask all the questions you've been afraid to ask without being judged. 


So here’s the deets:

Each class is 50 minutes long. They are also interactive, so you can ask any question you’ve always been afraid to ask. After all, no one can possibly know everything.

We’re not into big groups. Each class is for 12 people. Currently, we are running them on Tuesday & Thursday nights from our shop 875 Queen St. W (Niagara St.)  7:30 to 8:30 pm.

You can book for you, your best friends, your mom, and aunts, or just you along and strangers who will soon be lifelong friends/ future acquaintances.

Here’s what you get:

Smarter Package - $92 Genius Package - $142

1 x 5" Pots & Saucers

1 x 5" Houseplants 

2 x 3" Houseplant

2 x 3" Pot & Saucer

2 x 5" Pots & Saucers

2 x 5" Houseplants 

2 x 3" Houseplant

2 x 3" Pot & Saucer


Plus, 1 x Us Teaching You Need to Know About Potting = FREE!