Key Lime

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The Key Lime Bundle includes the following:


  • 1 x Tika 3.25" Pot and Saucer, Greenery
  • 1 x Tika 5" Pot and Saucer, Spruce
  • 1 x Tika 8" Pot and Saucer, New Grey


  • 1 x 6” Rhapis Excelsa aka Lady Palm
  • 1 x 5" Spider Plant Variegated Ocean
  • 1 x 4" Crassula Ovata, aka Jade Plant

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Plant Info

Spider plants are considered one of the most popular houseplants thanks to their easy propagation and ability to thrive in a range of conditions. Adaptable, bushy and beautiful, Spider plants’ cascading foliage are usually housed in a hanging pot, and they’re able to withstand a lot of your abuse, neglect and existential dread. Their white- and green-striped leaves can extend up to 1.5 feet long – and when they’re happy – they’ll grow long stems that bear small, star-shaped flowers.

Succulents are sure trending right now. Their explosion into homes, onto magazine covers and on top of wedding centrepieces has a lot to do with the range of colours, textures and fleshy leaves that Succulents are available in – there are approximately 60 different plant families that contain succulents. Originating in areas with long dry seasons, like Africa, desert-dwelling Succulents store water in their leaves, which makes them as tolerant to drought as they are to neglect. As a whole, Succulents have similar care needs – you just need to step into their roots and imagine what it’d be like to be thrive in a desert. Try to replicate those conditions in your home – sand isn’t mandatory. 

Palms are known for their large, evergreen leaves known as fronds. If you’re looking to spruce up your home to look like a jungle, then Palm trees are an excellent choice as they’re generally tolerant to neglect, don’t require a lot of light and are easy to care for. While tropical in nature, there are a few varieties of Palm plants with origins from the desert – so their watering needs will be quite different than their tropical counterparts.

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