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  • 3.5" Crispy Wave Fern - Loves low, indirect light with good views of the sky but will tolerate some direct sun in the early morning. Keep the roots evenly moist but don't water log it. Non Toxic to pets.
  • 3.5" Begonia Rex Silver Limbo -Loves moderate to bright indirect light, turn the container weekly to ensure all sides of the plant get the same light love. In the Spring and Summer keep the soil most but don't let the roots sit in water; Fall and Winter let the soil dry out between waterings; all the time keep water off the leaves to prevent spotting. Toxic to pets.
  • 3.5" Peperomia Tricolour - Loves bright light and a few hous of direct sunlight to keep the variegated coloring strong. Water when the soil is completely dry, better to under water than over water this one. Non Toxic to pets.
  • 3.5" Pothos - Loves low light and partial shade. Water when the top 1/4" of soil is dry, better to under water than over water. Toxic to pets.


  • 4" Big Liberte 3 Blue Birds
  • 4" Big Liberte 3 Green Garden
  • 4" Big Liberte 3 Black Stars
  • 4" Big Liberte 3 Red Flowers