Maranta Leuconeura aka Prayer Plant, Red colouring - 5" Pot

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Maranta Leuconeura, is one of the most cheerful, looking prayer plant.  It's leaves with leaves of bright coloured veins and red undersides make this plant one of our favourites. Dress her up in an equally happy, looking pot and place it where is always in view it's sure to keep a smile on your face.

Maranta Leuconeura aka Prayer Plant, Red colouring comes in a 5 inch plastic grower's pot.

Care Level: Medium / Experience
Lighting : Low and medium / indirect sunlight
Water: When soil is dry to the touch
Pets: Pet friendly

Maranta Overview

Named after Bartolomeo Maranta, an Italian physician and botanist of the 16th century, the Maranta is native to – no, not Italy – but France! It’s more commonly known as a Prayer plant since their leaves fold up at night like two small hands coming together at the foot of a bed just before it’s bedtime. Low and slow growing – these Prayer plants can eventually get up to a foot tall in your home. We recommend Prayer plants for smaller spaces if you’re looking for something that won’t outgrow your micro-sized apartment too quickly. Plus, they’re a low, lush plant with incredibly beautiful and colourful leaves in case you’re looking to add more than just green to your décor and list of things to keep alive.

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Jane Woods
Prayer Plant

Very good, healthy plants and it was great to be informed when they came into the store.

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