Meyer Lemon Tree, 1 Gallon Pot

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This ornamental fruit tree needs direct sunlight for several hours a day in the summer, think of California and Florida as its natural environment. Turn the plant every week so that it grows evenly. Bring inside gradually in the fall so as not to shock it. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Would love a nice spritz with a mister to help with humidity. When kept in a container it will top out at 4' tall. 

Meyer Lemon Tree comes in a 1-gallon plastic grower's pot. Plant height ranges 20" from the base of the pot.

    Care Level: Mostly easy
    Lighting : Direct sunlight
    Water: Keep most but not soggy
    Pets: Not pet friendly

    Citrus Trees Overview

    Looking for a tree to bear indoor fruit? The Lemon Tree is a favourite amongst indoor trees; it’s a perennial shrub that produces fruit that is a cross between a kumquat and a tangerine. Originating from China, they were brought over to North America’s shores in the 1900s. Lemon Trees are covered in oval, glossy green leaves and can also grow an abundance of fragrant white flowers at the tips of their branches, followed by small, tart, tangerine-like fruit. The fruit goes from deep green to bright orange and can be left on the tree for months at a time until you’re ready to cook with them (very acidic, tart and seedless – they’re a good substitute for lemons and a terrible substitute for lemon juice in your eye)

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    Love my lemon tree!

    Delivered promptly and blooming beautifully!

    Alexander Semyanovskiy

    Good condition! Thank you verymuch!

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