Oxalis Triangularis aka Shamrock Plant, Green - 6" pot

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The Oxalis triangularis is really cool. The leaves are triangular and typically grow in groups of three. At night or on cloudy days they will close themselves up and then open again in the morning or when the sun comes back out. The tiny flowers are as delicate and dainty as the leaves look and it will continue to bloom and grow through the fall and spring. Now don’t freak out in the summer when you think you’ve killed it. This plant goes dormant at the exact same time most plants are in their most happy place.

You want to give it a bright, sunny spot and turn the pot every couple of days to ensure even growth. They can handle some direct sun but we wouldn’t let them have a lot of that hot, afternoon direct sunshine.

Fall through spring water when the top inch has dried out, probably once a week ish. In the summer when it is dormant water very lightly once every 2 – 3 weeks just to prevent the soil from drying out completely. 

Oxalis Triangularis aka Shamrock Plant, Green comes in a 6" plastic grower's pot and plant height is approximately 9" to 10" from the base of the pot. 

Care Level: Mostly easy
Lighting : Bright, indirect
Water: 1 to 2 weeks
Pets: Not pet friendly

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Francine Fortier
Love it

Very pretty plant and is growing with abundance!

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