Spathiphyllum aka Peace Lily - 5" pot / 15" tall

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One of our most requested, "can you please get" plants, the Peace Lily is the perfect indoor houseplant. Keep the soil moist but not soggy, give them a lot of bright, filtered light and a warmer spot in the house. If the leaves are curling or pale it's telling you they've had too much light. As a natural rainforest dweller, you're gonna want a mister to keep the humidity levels high. Toxic to pets. 

Spathiphyllum aka Peace Lily -  comes in a 5" plastic growers pot, plant height ranges 15" - 17" from base of pot

Care Level: Medium
Lighting : Bright, indirect
Water: Keep moist, likes humidity
Pets: Toxic

Customer Reviews

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Gustavo Puerari

Peace Lily, 5"

kristina jaber

It’s the most robust and beautiful peace lily I've owned! It seems to be flourishing in its new home :). Love it so much!!!

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