Peperomia Prostrata aka String of Turtles - 3" pot

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Loves bright light but she's way too dainty for direct sunlight, if it's getting the right light the laves will be clustered close together and the colour will be pretty with marbling. Give it a good soak when the soil is completely dry. Pet friendly.

Peperomia String of Turtles comes in a 3" plastic growers pot, plant height ranges 3" - 4" from the base of the pot.

String Plants Overview

String of Dolphins, Pearls, Tears, Hearts and Turtles offer an impeccable focal point in a home. Their dangling bits are a real stunner – you’ve seen it on the ‘gram and it gives you so much string envy. String succulents grow in a form of – yes – strings or chains. They all share similar characteristics – pendant stems and green, fleshy leaves. Mostly native to the drier parts of southwest Africa, String plants make excellent additions or centrepieces to vertical gardens and their relatively easy-to-care quality make them popular amongst succulent collectors and home decorators who like their homes awash in green.

String of Turtles: This succulent is another great addition to hanging container gardens and terrariums. Native to Brazilian rainforests, it is a small, slow-growing vining plant with tiny, delicate leaves. Leaves can vary from dark green to purple with a breathtaking pattern of white veins. This one won’t win the race against the rabbit.

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Great service, lots of variety

Was greeted with a smile even though they were actually closed!
Got two lovely succulents which are thriving beautifully!
Go here for your plants, support local! 🍀

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