Philodendron Prince of Orange - 10" pot

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We could only get our hands of 4 of these beauts so don't hum and haw! This big baby is full of colour and big, waxy leaves, a beauty to behold! When watching the The Prince of Orange grow and mature you will see the new growth transform from bright yellow to coppers to greens.

Philodendron Prince of Orange comes in a 10" plastic grower's pot.

Care Level: Easy / Beginners
Lighting : Bright, indirect sunlight
Water: Every 2 weeks
Pets: NOT pet friendly

Philodendron Overview

The Philodendron is the second-largest member of the Araceae family with nearly 500 species – that’s one helluva family tree – and they’re classified into two types: vines and non-climbers. Originating from the Caribbean, Colombia, and Venezuela, the Philodendron is a real globe trotter since they’ve also made their way to Asia. Like its cousin, the Pothos, Philodendrons are easy houseplants with a reputation for their air-cleaning capabilities and quick growth. Large, green, and glossy, Philodendron gives off a real jungle-y vibe that you can easily bring into your home or office … without the rest of the jungle. Like we said above, some varieties are climbers while others are not, but the latter tries just as hard and appreciate your words of encouragement.

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Elisa Aloise

Love this leafy boy!!

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