Pilea Aluminum Plant - 3.5" pot

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Loves bright, indirect light and will be a happy plant if you turn it every few days so that all sides get an equal amount of light. Let the plant dry out between waterings as it doesn't like wet soil and is prone to root rot, loves humidity. Pet friendly.

The Aluminum Plant  comes in a 3.5" plastic growers pot, plant height is approximately 3.5" tall from the base of the pot.

Care Level: Easy / Beginners
Lighting : Bright, indirect
Water: Let it dry out between waterings
Pets: Pet Friendly

Pilea Overview

Pileas, like TikTok stars, are really enjoying their stardom in the spotlight. Also known as a Coin Plant, UFO Plant, Friendship Plant and Chinese Money Plant, Pileas are native to Southern China at the foot of the Himalayas and are part of the stinging-nettle family, Urticaceae. Fortunately, Pileas don’t sting. Unfortunately, they don’t grow money. The Pilea didn’t get its due attention until the mid 1900s and finally hit its stride in the late 2010s. You’ll see Pileas on everyone’s social media (re: #pileababy and #pilealovers), your colleagues’ desk, and at the impulse section of a fruit stand. They’re super easy-going and are almost comical in the way they look, which is probably why they’re known as the “Pass it on Friendship Plant”. Welcome to the big leagues, Pilea!

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Local Plant Gay

Pilea Aluminum Plant - 3.5" pot

Brittany Luk

Pilea cadierei aka Aluminum Plant

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