Polka Dot Plant Multi Coloured - 3" pot

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Ok! This is a special one, 3 coloured polka dots plants in one! A rare treat!  Loves bright, indirect light to keep that gorgeous colouring. Make sure the soil is always slightly moist, not wet which will cause rot, but she will tell you she's thirsty by shrivelling up quickly if too dry. Pet friendly.

Hypoestes aka Polka Dot Plant comes in 3" plastic growers pot, plant height ranges around 4" from the base of the pot.

Care Level: Easy / Beginners
Lighting : Bright, indirect sunlight
Water: Water regularly / Keep moist
Pets: Pet Friendly

Hypoestes Overview

Hypoestes are eye-catching, colourful plants with brightly spotted leaves that also go by the names, Polka Dot Plants or Freckle Face Plants. Don’t go calling your friends with freckles a Hypoestes – they probably won’t get the reference. Native to Madagascar, these perennial herbaceous shrubs produce some outstanding foliage – some with dotted greens and a pink base colour, others lavender, purple and scarlet – there’s a huge range and mix that made these houseplants extremely popular in the 80s. Today, these loud-personality plants are making their comeback, thanks to their ‘gram worthy colours and easy care.

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Jennifer Keo
Polka dot plant- multi coloured

The plants was very vibrant in colour and healthy.

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