Potted Peperomia Watermelon 4” in Lilo


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Peperomia Watermelon, the cutest slice of greenery you'll ever own! Pre-potted in a charming Lilo pot, this plant is as stylish as it is resilient. Perfect for those who prefer their plants low maintenance and high on aesthetic appeal. Bring home your own little slice of happiness today!

Basic Tips To Help Me Thrive


Care Level


PlantCar Sun


Medium to bright, indirect light

PlantCare water


When top 2” of it's soil is dry

plantCare pets


Fur Baby Friendly!

Peperomia Family

Native to Mexico, South America and the West Indies, Peperomias, also known as Baby Rubber plants, Radiator plants or Shining Bush, have 1000+ known species in its deep, rooted ancestry.

Many Peperomias are known for their thick, fleshy leaves – you might be inclined to take a bite out of one, but we suggest you refrain from doing so. Despite having 1000 species, if you had a variety of Peperomias in a police line-up, a good chunk of the 1000 don’t have defining characteristics to distinguish them from each other even though they’re completely innocent.

For those that you can tell apart, you’ll see some with heart-shaped leaves, others almond and some oval. You might encounter green leaves, marbled, striped, or even varieties that possess grey or red foliage. That said, the one throughline with Peperomia plants are that they’re slow-growing, can be planted all-year long and are very low-maintenance – making them the perfect housewarming gift or office desk accoutrement.

Peperomia: The perfect green additions to your space

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