Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii aka Snake Plant - 3.5" pot

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This is the easy plant to care for that you will ever come across. You can give it low light or bright light, real light or incandescent and it will still love you. You can forget to water it for 3 weeks and it will still love you. If you water it too much it won't love you so wait until the soil is fully dry all the way to the bottom before you give it a drink. And never let it sit in water in the saucer or it will cause root rot. 

Sansevieria Laurentii comes in a 3.5" plastic growers pot, plant height ranges 10" - 12" from the base of the pot. 

Care Level: Easy / Beginners
Lighting : Bright - low, indirect light
Water: Every 2 weeks in Summer / 6 weeks in Winter
Pets: NOT Pet friendly

Sansevieria Overview

Sansevieria, likely one of the first house plants you’ll encounter in people’s windowless bathrooms, is native to the deserts of Africa and Southern Asia. There are around 70 species of Sansevieria, also commonly known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” or “snake plant” due to their shape, margin of its leaves, resilience, and their ability to make you feel like a terrible plant child when you neglect them, don’t call them, or forget to water them. They’re also one of the few plants that release oxygen at night rather than in the day – so maybe keep one on your nightstand instead of your aromatherapy essential oils. 

Sansevierias make for the perfect gift for those with no plant experience – they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. FYI – the ones seen in the market are often the trifasciata species because they grow much faster compared to their non-commercially grown species. So, if you’re on a mission to catch all 70 of ‘em like you do Pokémon, then you’re in for a real treat – just look both ways before crossing the street, thx!

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It's beautiful :)

I got this for my first plant! One of the leaves is a little chipped at the end but as this one famous song said, "Sometimes we get to know, broken is beautiful." I named her Lauren and she's still thriving well. There were 3 little budding leaves when I first got her, and I noticed today that those leaves have grown a bit taller :) I love checking up on the plant every morning, it's the perfect size for a beginner plant owner like me.

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