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The Viridian bundle come with 3 plants and our favourite Big Dyad pot and saucers


  • 5" Begonia Rex Princess of Hanover - Loves moderate to bright indirect light, turn the plant weekly to make sure all sides get the same light love. In the Spring and Summer keep the soil moist but don't let the roots sit in water; Fall and Winter allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings; any time of the year keep water off the leaves to prevent spotting. Toxic to pets. 
  • 3.5" Begonia Rex Silver Limbo - same as Princess of Hanover!
  • 5" Calathea - Loves bright light, does not like direct sun. In the Spring and Summer keep the soil moist but not waterlogged; in the Fall and Winter let the soil become dry to the touch inbetween waterings. Non Toxic to pets.


Big Dyad Peacock Green, White, and Black

 Product Details

  • Material: Clay
  • Dimensions: 5" diameter and 5" tall
  • Finish: matte top, white glossy bottom
  • Cleaning: warm soapy water
  • Indoor pot and saucer


  • Detachable saucer and 1/2" drainage hole
  • 5" houseplant and tropical plant size
  • Modern shapes and patterns
  • Sit lovely in a window sill, home office, excellent gift idea