How to Build Your Own Terrarium

Awesome Succulent Planter!

Barry thinks these succulent planters are AWESOME!

The force is strong with this one

Create your own Endor landscape scenery. Add our own Ewok or storm trooper to complete the look.

New Projects to Love

The samples are rolling in and we're getting ready to make our final decisions for next years lines. We're loving the looks and it appears that they're loving us back.

Summer Succulent Svek's

Can’t get enough of these summer colored Svek succulent pots.

Say Hi to Tika's Big Brother

Getting creative with Tika's brother Big Tika

Introducing the New Big Caterpillar

Love, love, love, the new Big Caterpillar Vase. There perfect for all those loose flower buds or slightly larger stems

Bloom Goes Kapow!

Peace Love and Bloom. Create love not war with our new post-modern inspired bud vases. These porcelain grenade shape bud vases invoke that peace-and-love spirit with a floral burst explosion;...

Spring Photo Shoot

Prepping for today’s photo shoot Perfect afternoon among the coffee and flowers If you build it Spring will come! KaPow!

Showing Off New Pieces at the Atlanta America Mart

Showing off some of our new pieces!

Saying Hi from the Atlanta America's Mart Show Room

Thanks to Hannahfor this great of Sarah and our showroom at the Atlanta AmericasMart! Check out Hannah’s blog at iamhannahsmith

Pooley 2 Vase - The Essence of Causal Decor

"Casual Décor - Add a charming touch to your winter entertainment. The Pooley 2 are colorful vases that will add a stylish accent to your tablescape" ~