Potted Dracaena Marginata Colorama 10” in Dojo


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A 10-inch diva ready to steal the spotlight in your home jungle. With its vibrant foliage and effortless elegance, the Dracaena Marginata Colorama adds a pop of personality to any space. Low maintenance, high style - it's the perfect companion for those who prefer their greenery with a side of sass.
What is included?

1 x 10" Dracaena Marginata Colorma

1 x 8" Dojo Pot with saucer

1 x Potting service

*Plant will be pre-potted into the pot

Basic Tips To Help Me Thrive


Care Level

Fairly easy

PlantCar Sun


Bright, indirect sunlight

PlantCare water


When top 2” of it's soil is dry

plantCare pets


Not Fido or Mittens Approved

Dracaena Family

Dracaenas are very popular houseplants originating from Madagascar and other Indian Ocean islands. Hailing from the Asparagus family (Asparagaceae), the genus is made up of 40 species – its dramatic foliage extending up to one-foot long and a couple of inches wide with beautiful, coloured patterns. Dracaenas are also known for their air-purifying qualities and their ability to reach up to 3-feet tall as an indoor plant. Simple, easy-going and always at-attention in their upright growth, Dracaenas are an excellent focal point in any room or office.

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