Duenas Ceramic Watering Jug

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Colors: Charcoal
Say hello to watering your plants with style. It's not your typical spout or handle – just total H2O rockstar vibes. The anti-basic watering jug.
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Elevate Your Tools and Your Garden!

Our modern designs take ordinary gardening tools and give them a VIP makeover. When function meets fabulous, your plants won't be the only things turning heads. So, step up your gardening game and make your neighbors green with envy – because who needs basic when you can have extraordinary tools in your shed?

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Plant lady
SO Cute, but…

I absolutely love the look of this watering jug and how I can leave out sitting out in a shelf and it looks like a price of sculptural decor. That said, in terms of its actual use the design isn’t the best. Because the hole to fill the jug is fairly big and so far down, water leaks out the back when you pour water out and makes a big mess. I’ve tried only filling it halfway (which is impractical), and pouring more slowly to really control the flow of water and still had water dripping out onto the floor. Again it’s super cute and I am using it but I have to clean up every time which is pretty annoying.