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  • 5" Palm Parlour - Loves indirect light and is a-okay with a shaded room. Water when the top soil becomes dry, very little water is needed but keep well drained. Non Toxic to pets. 
  • 3.5" Pilea Silver Tree - Loves indirect light for at least 4 hours per day, doesn't like direct sun at all. In the Spring and Summer keep the top inch of soil moist at all times; Fall and Winter let the top inch dry out inbetween watering. Don't let it sit in water any time of the year. Non toxic to pets. 
  • 5" Philodendron Green - Loves bright light but can cope in low light, it's pretty easy going but doesn't like direct sun. In the Spring and Summer keep the soil moist but not waterlogged; Fall and Winter water when the soil becomes dry to the touch. Toxic to pets.


Big Minute Burgundy, Blue Layers, Burgundy, and Boombastic Yellow

Product Details

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 5” diameter, 5” tall
  • Finish: Fully Glazed
  • Cleaning: warm soapy water
  • Indoor pot and saucer


  • Detachable saucer and 1/2" drainage hole
  • Perfect for mini succulents, cactus, fresh herbs
  • 5" houseplant size, also available in a 3" Starter Plant size
  • Vibrant colors and unique glazes
  • Sit lovely in a window sill, home office, excellent gift idea