Potted Hoya Compacta 3” in Dyad


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The 'not-so-compact' star of your indoor jungle! Hoya Compacta plants thrives on compliments (and occasional water). Perfect for plant parents who like their greenery low effort and high on style. Pre-potted in a chic two-tone Dyad pot, for endless admiration from guests – and maybe a little jealousy too!
What is included?

1 x 3" Hoya Compacta

1 x 3.5" Dyad Pot with saucer

1 x Potting service

*Plant will be pre-potted into the pot

Basic Tips To Help Me Thrive


Care Level


PlantCar Sun


Medium to bright, indirect light

PlantCare water


When its soil is completely dry

plantCare pets


Fur Baby Friendly!

Hoya Family

Hello Hoyas! Native to several countries of Asia, Hoyas are beautiful plants with over 900 species that come in unique colours and shapes. Hoyas are part of a family known as Apocynaceae; its subfamily is the Asclepiadoideae (milkweeds). Hoyas also go by Wax Plant, Honey Plant or Wax Vine, and it’s likely you’ve seen one in your grandparents’ home. They’re a very popular indoor houseplant with thick – you guessed it – waxy leaves. If they’ve got all their growing conditions checked off, Hoyas will eventually bloom stunning, small clusters of symmetrical star-shaped flowers that are bright in colour with a subtle, sweet scent. Hoyas are slow-growing climbers and creepers that are relatively easy to maintain, so you’ll often see them perched in a hanging basket or wrapped around a trellis when grown outside.

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