Potted ZZ Plant 4” in Dojo


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ZZ Raven Plant, he dark and mysterious sibling your plant collection never knew it needed. Potted in our sleek Dojo Pot, it's the goth-chic addition that thrives on minimal attention (just like your emo phase). With leaves as dark as your sense of humor and a resilience that rivals your grandma's Tupperware, it's the perfect choice for anyone too busy pondering life's existential questions to remember to water.
What is included?

1 x 4" ZZ Plant

1 x 3.5" Dojo Pot with saucer

1 x Potting service

*Plant will be pre-potted into the pot

Basic Tips To Help Me Thrive


Care Level


PlantCar Sun


Low to bright, indirect light
(Basement Dweller Approved)

PlantCare water


When its soil is completely dry

plantCare pets


Not Fido or Mittens Approved

ZZ Plant Family

The ZZ – not to be mistaken for the Zzz produced in comic books – is a very popular houseplant whose origins go back centuries in Eastern Africa. The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (a mouthful, for sure) is a tropical perennial with smooth, naturally shiny and waxy leaves that range from bright to emerald to nearly black that spring from its bulbous stalk. Dependable, solid, and never one to complain, the ZZ is a very popular choice for offices and homes due to their warrior-like ability to thrive in a range of conditions. Neglect, low-light conditions, neglect and more neglect – the ZZ is a stalwart houseplant for those brown-thumbers out there trying their darndest to turn their thumbs green.

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