Potted Opuntia 6” in Dojo


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Opuntia Cactus, the spiky yet stylish addition your home needs. Potted in our sleek Dojo Pot, it's the plant that thrives on neglect (seriously, forget about watering). With a prickly personality and a knack for surviving even the most forgetful owners, it's the ultimate in low-maintenance chic. Let your home décor reach new heights of desert-inspired coolness.
What is included?

1 x 6" Puntia

1 x 6" Dojo Pot with saucer

1 x Potting service

*Plant will be pre-potted into the pot

Basic Tips To Help Me Thrive


Care Level


PlantCar Sun


Bright Direct Light

PlantCare water


Let soil dry before watering

plantCare pets


Technically Pet Friendly!
(Keep away from dumb pets that bite prickly things)

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Cactus Family

Cacti are members of the Cactaceae family – boasting thousands of species that have made their way into people’s homes one way or another. The most popular Cacti houseplants are categorized into two distinct groups – desert cacti and forest cacti. The former are the spiky ones that Wile E Coyote has a love-hate relationship with, while the latter are ones that grow in rain forests and look quite different than their usually spikey aplomb (i.e., Christmas Cactus). Desert Cacti are the toughest of houseplants – like cockroaches, they’d probably survive nuclear doom – but let’s not find out. Unusual, unique and elegant, you’ll encounter cacti of all shapes and sizes, and they make for lovely housewarming gifts for the novice plant daddy/mommy in the making.

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